Best Overlanding Videos on YouTube

Some overlanding YouTube videos accomplish multiple objectives. It all depends on the video’s purpose. Sometimes the video is meant to teach the viewer a particular…


Overland Blogs; 5 Blogs That Inspire

Blogs are a great way to get all kinds of information. Overland blogs are a great source for information on, that’s right, overlanding! Overland Blogs,…

Accessories, Clothing

Tactical Sunglasses, The Best Choice for Overlanding

I’ll admit up front that overlanding was not the primary reason for purchasing tactical sunglasses. The primary reason is yard work. Yes, that’s right, I…

Modifications, Vehicles

Ram Mount iPhone A-Pillar Mod

Let me begin by giving credit to the original author. I found the Ram Mount iPhone mod on Tacoma World here.  G.T. from TacomaWorld is…


Short Antennas: Are They Worth It?

Problem Statement: The antenna on my 2015 Tacoma is too damn long and hits my garage door when I pull in and out of the garage….


Tactical Pants, Best Pants for Overlanding?

Tactical Pants Defined Let’s explore for a bit what I mean when I say “tactical pants.” Wikipedia says something like the following: Related to cargo…


How Much Water Do I Need For My Trip?

How much water do I need to bring on my overlanding trip? This question applies to many other situations as well such as hiking, camping,…


Knife Sharpening: My Favorite New System

My Old Knife Sharpening System My previous knife sharpening system was the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker. It can be purchased on Amazon today for about $58….


Receiver Hitch: My First Overland Purchase!

I pulled the trigger last week and made my first “official” purchase for my upcoming overland trip with Northeast Overland this fall. I had decided…