What Do I Need to Overland?

That’s A Lot of Stuff

I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the things I actually need to buy before going on my first light overland trip this fall. When I signed up on the Expedition Portal forums, there was a list of the items that are must have and then there was a list of items that are recommended. I’m also assuming the list of recommended items are highly recommended. So here is the list of must have items including the very obvious items:

– 5 AT or MT tires & tools to change a flat (this means a full-size spare (5 of the same size))
– Front and rear tow points
– Properly tuned & working CB radio
Fire extinguisher
– First aid kit; sufficient for the amount of people in your vehicle
– 2013 or newer Maine Atlas & Gazetteer
– At least one GPS per vehicle (handheld or street)
– Basic tool kit for your vehicle

Out of the items above I will need to purchase the potentially new tires, depending on how much longer my current BF Goodrich Rugged Trail ATs last until the fall trip. If I do need to purchase I’m planning on buying BF Goodrich All Terrain TA KO2’s. The reviews seem good and all the feedback I can find on the forums seem to point to the KO2’s as being very high performing, high quality AT tire.

I also need rear tow points, a CB radio, a fire extinguisher, a Maine Atlas and additional items to complete a basic tool kit. Not a small list…

Let’s now take a look at the recommended items:

– Tire repair kit, and/or compressor
– Winch or come-along
– Vehicle specific parts + tools
– Warm clothing & rain gear
– Spare parts for CB/Ham (radio, mic, cord, antenna)
– Spade shovel, Hi-Lift, straps (no hooks on the straps and no chains!)
– Toilet paper
– A good pair of hiking boots and your camera!
– Bring an article of blaze orange

The good news here is that I have a few of these items! I have a Viair 300P compressor which is more than fine for my Tacoma’s tires (it’s rated up to 31″ tires, but only 33% duty cycle).  I also have a good tire repair kit, the Power Tank KIT-8133. Then I also have the clothing, hiking boots, tango papa and other items.

What I will need to get will be the recovery gear (winch or come along) and spare parts for the truck…not even sure where I am going to start here…

So when things seem overwhelming, as they do right now, I found it’s best to start small. I have started to do my research on the items that would be easiest to buy off Amazon and essentially would be plug and play. Here are the early items I am considering, CB, rear tow point and other recovery gear. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! Please leave me a comment!