Overland Blogs; 5 Blogs That Inspire

Blogs are a great way to get all kinds of information. Overland blogs are a great source for information on, that’s right, overlanding!

Overland Blogs, In No Particular Order!

I’m not going to spend a lot of time introducing the topic. Really, how much can be said about overland blogs or blogs in general. Instead, let’s introduce five blogs that I think are worth your time.

1. Expedition Portal


When it comes to overland blogs, this is probably the largest, most complete site on the subject. This is the website that I accidentally stumbled upon and discovered overlanding! Forums and gear reviews abound. You should be able to find and article or someone who can answer your question!

  • Owner/Operator: Founded in 2005 by Scott Brady, CEO of Overland International
  • Special Powers: 3,000+ editorials, 100,000 community members & over 1.5 million forum posts

2. Expedition Overland


A big focus on videos and vehicle builds, these guys are considered to be some of the best in the business. Not that overlanding is a business, but I think you know what I mean. I really lost some hours here watching all the videos. I really liked the Return to Mackenzie series. Incredible videos from an incredible team. The 2016 Tacoma build is pretty sweet as well.

  • Owner/Operator: Clay Croft Expedition Lead, Cinematographer
  • Special Powers: Kick ass sponsors

3. Overland Bound


This site really has it all! I could spend days and days just looking through all the content. Forums, videos, trip reports, gear reviews, what more can you ask for? Oh, I know, how about a bad ass membership community that is growing day after day. Get your very own Overland Bound vehicle badge and membership certificate.

  • Owner/Operator: Michael Murguia
  • Special Powers: Membership and Vehicle Badge

4. Living Overland


I call them the “foodies” of overlanding! Many overland blogs tend to emphasize something unique about their experience. The Living Overland team has sections specifically dedicated to gourmet recipes and cooking essentials. Once your ready to load up and head out, give this blog a read and cook up something special out there on the trail.

LivingOverland also has a great video series. What sets this team apart from the other overland blogs is the added emphasis on family overlanding. Their perspective is unique and I used their opinion in my post on Overland Vehicle Preparation.

  • Owner/Operator: Krista & Beau Johnston
  • Special Powers: Tools to tame the trail appetite

5. Mountain State Overland


I have a special place set aside for these guys. There last video series took place in New England! Similar to Expedition Overland, there is a strong emphasis on videography and visual storytelling. The MSO team has multiple sponsors similar to Expedition Overland so I expect to see more great adventures!

  • Owner/Operator: Jason Specht, Producer & Director
  • Special Powers: Cool southern accent

My Final Thought

The onset of technology has made interacting with each other easier and faster than ever before. The only downside being the length of time we spend interacting. A tweet is only 144 characters long. Instagram is a single picture with hashtags and likes. How many people interact meaningfully in the comments? I am also guilty.

My call to action here is start reading more website articles! Even better, start your own! Let’s keep some of the art alive as technology continues to advance.

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