About Me

Professional Dad

There are a few very good reasons why I say that I am a “Professional Dad.” If I add up all the years that I’ve been raising kids, it amounts to…well, let’s just say it’s a lot! Having stepchildren and children of my own has really put all my dad skills to the test. There aren’t too many scenarios that I haven’t seen, heard about or had to deal with specifically myself! I’ve also experienced a very full range of ages, all the way from birth through early 20’s, so I’m going to call that a nice resume.

If I have learned anything raising children, there is really only one secret that makes everything so much easier. The secret is…show them that you love them. It’s as simple as that ­čśë

Journeyman Camper

I really enjoy remote or primitive camping and I go into a bit more detail in my post on Why Overlanding? I’ve been camping in many forms on and off over the years. The thought of unplugging and sitting by a fire is great! ┬áRelaxing to the sounds of nature is just about the next best thing to spending time with the family.

Amateur Overlander

I think overlanding is possibly the best combination of all the things I love to do! Spend time with the family, do some primitive camping and see nature sounds like a great experience. I love gear and plan to outfit my truck with all kinds of new goodies which I will share as my website evolves.

Key Facts

  • Native New Englander
  • Married (wife 2.0, lol!)
  • Son and Daughter
  • Die Hard Patriots Fan
  • PC Gamer, Craft Brew Enthusiast and Amateur Landscaper (hmmm…smells like another idea!)

I hope you enjoy the website and look forward to sharing many upcoming adventures!